OSINT ( Open-Source Intelligence )
OSINT  refers to any publicly accessible information, which includes any information freely available on the Internet. OSINT has become common practice for all type of sectors such as corporate companies, agencies, governments, hackers, competitors, students etc. OSINT research often referred to as ‘Competitive Intelligence’ within the business sector.
This course will provide an introduction to the deep web and covers topics from advanced search techniques to security and traceability. Techniques range from simple to complex search strategies in order to gain ‘hidden’ information on both individuals and corporate entities. CGF will reveal sources that are generally unknown and remain untapped. This training provides trainees with the knowledge of intelligence gathering from the public data. It emphasizes on using advanced tools and techniques to extract relevant data from open web and generate actionable intelligence out of it.

How can OSINT benefit me or my organization?
The benefits of uncovering this concealed information could influence the success rate of a business and can also translate to financial savings. Students will be trained to find an extensive range of data in less time thereby becoming commercially more efficient and effective.

• Online Investigators
• Penetration Testers
• Risk Management Professionals
• Military Personnel
• Spooks
• Professional Investigators & Covert Surveillance Operators
• Security Companies
• Recruitment Agencies & Human Resource Departments
• Legal Professionals
• Insurance Companies
• Media Research/Journalism
• Vetting Officers at Institutions
• Corporate Investment research
• Private Individuals; trace family history and be more secure on-line
• Students

A very basic understanding of internet searches and the presence of social networks.