Redirection of output one command to another

now check
#echo $(ls -l)
output of “ls -l” is submitted to echo so echo prints the output
so this is will be more useful when we are redirecting the output of one command to another task

example 2:
#ls -l $(which ifconfig)
here o/p of which ifconfig file properties are printed like this

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Linux Terminal commands for ninja’s

brase{} expansion us used  for automatic expansion of listings

e.g., #echo Number_{1..5}

0/P: Number_1 Number_2 Number_3 Number_4 Number_5

Execution of command with ECHO

#echo `ls`

o/p: it will execute the command “ls” lists all files

printing the current user name

#echo $USER
#printenv | less
o/p is :

note: here we can use each environment variable for parameter passing

e.g., #echo $SHELL
#echo $MAIL so..on