Cyber Geek Force is a privately owned WebApps Security Solutions Organization, focused on its mission to be the leader in WebApps & Network Security Solutions. One of CGF’s greatest strengths is our expertise in Security Risk Management. We ensure a proactive focus to reduce the possibility of any breach in security. 

Cyber Geek Force Pvt Ltd specializes in providing vulnerability assessment, penetration testing services and IT security audits. CGF has helped its clients protect their critical data, strengthen web applications, maintain security compliance, and reduce overall risk. We provide security for the loopholes in servers & web applications, expose vulnerabilities in the network, and check the systems for the possibility of hostile external attacks. 

CGF has made vulnerability management simpler, cost effective and more efficient by providing unique security solutions that reduce the exposure to threat, prevent attacks, and improve network and system security. We provide high-value onsite and remote security solutions to businesses to ensure the growth of the customers. 

Cyber geek force provides customized Security Solutions for the clients. The Security Solutions provided by Cyber Geek Force are: 

1) Vulnerability Assessment 
2) Penetration Testing 
3) Application Security 
4) Remediating/Patching Process